Choosing Battery for golf cart

Battery for golf cart
A golf cart is a device that is usually like a mini automobile, used to carry two golfers and the golf clubs owned by them. It carries the golfers around the golf course for covering long distances and also around a desert area. The golf cart makes it easy for the golfers to travel, as walking is time-consuming and a lot of energy is wasted in it. Modern golf carts usually run on batteries. So batteries are the vital element in a golf cart. A golf cart doesn’t work on a single battery. According to the cart type and system, a golf cart might need 3, 4, 6 or 8 batteries. If one has to get new batteries for a golf cart, there are some important factors that one has to consider before purchasing batteries for the golf cart;

  • Comparison
  • Evaluating brands
  • Golf cart
  • Type of battery
  • Battery compartment
  • Voltage system of the golf cart
  • 6 volt, 8 volt or 12-volt batteries
  • Battery size and model
  • Terminals
  • Budget
  • Battery warranty


Before deciding to buy the new batteries for the golf cart, one should always look back and check the old batteries; the size, models and the brand of the batteries. If the earlier batteries gave satisfying output and power and the golf cart worked properly, then one must simply prefer to go for the same type of batteries. In case the older batteries were not that powerful, then the new and different set of batteries are required to be bought. One should always check the manual of the golf cart in order to get more information about the battery compatibility.

Evaluating brands

There are many golf cart battery manufacturing brands. Every brand use their unique techniques for manufacturing the batteries. One should always research on the different brands and look for the reviews by other experienced customers about the brands and their opinions about a particular brand. Some brands manufacture golf cart batteries for the use in extremely cold climates and some for extremely hot. One can also consult a known experienced friend or the golf cart retailer about which type of batteries will best suit that particular golf cart. So according to one’s requirements, one must select the best brand.

Golf cart

Before getting a battery for the golf cart, one must research thoroughly about the golf cart that one own. The model and the system should be checked. The main factor is whether the golf cart is heavy or light. For heavy golf carts, more power is required to run the golf carts and so, the batteries must have more power. These batteries might be heavier and much more costly than the standard golf cart batteries that are used in standard or light golf carts. If a less powered battery is bought for a heavy golf cart, the cart would not work the way it normally does and the battery will also lose its life span before the expected time period.

Type of battery

Golf cart batteries are though manufactured differently for the different purpose, but just like other standard batteries, the golf cart batteries come in different technology type, like flooded lead-acid, gel battery or the AGM battery.

  • Flooded lead-acid golf cart batteries are the oldest kind of batteries. These batteries are filled with liquid electrolyte and lead plates. The flooded batteries are heavy and give deep charge and discharge. As the batteries are filled with fluid acid, there is a risk of acid spilling and needs a lot of maintenances. These golf cart batteries are also not vibrations or bumps proof. These batteries are cheap but have a lot of disadvantages.
  • Gelled electrolyte golf cart batteries are the type of batteries in which the electrolyte is the same as the standard flooded golf batteries, but the electrolyte is mixed with fumed silica and is gelled, making the electrolyte immobile and the batteries spill or leak proof. This type of golf cart batteries are flexible batteries as these can be placed in different position and don’t spill even if the battery gets inverted upside down.
  • AGM golf cart batteries are absorbed glass mat batteries. These batteries don’t contain any electrolyte and are dry. The thin glass fibers are soaked in the electrolyte and later woven into a mat-like structure. This type of golf batteries needs zero maintenance and are the spill, leak and vibration proof, but are very costly. If one has a low budget, then this type of batteries is not a good choice.

Battery compartment

A Golf cart has a specialized compartment for placing the batteries. Different golf cart compartments have different length, width and height for the batteries to be placed. Batteries cannot be just bought randomly of any size, as too large would not fit in the compartment and too small would just displace due to the bumps and might get damaged. So, one must measure the space available for the storage of the batteries.

Voltage system of the golf cart

Voltage system of the golf cart in and very important factor to consider before getting new batteries for the golf cart. The different golf cart has different voltage system. There are usually two types of voltage systems, 36-volt system or 48-volt system and automatically, the number of batteries required depends upon the voltage system. In a 48 volt system, more number of batteries are required than that of 36 voltage system. A particular golf cart has any one of the two voltage systems. So according to the voltage system of the golf cart, one should decide which type of batteries should be actually bought.

6 volt, 8 volt or 12-volt batteries

Golf cart batteries come in three types of volts, which are 6 volts, 8 volt or 12-volt batteries. One should select the batteries according to the Voltage system and compartments; the number of batteries, as well the voltage of the batteries is to be decided. In a 36 volt system, six 6 volt batteries or three 12 volt batteries can be used and in 48-volt system eight 6 volt batteries, six 8 volt batteries or four 12 volt batteries can be used. So according to the need, power and budgets, the number of batteries required should be decided.

Size and model of the batteries

The batteries of the golf cart come in different models and sizes. According to the amp-hour rating and required power, the sizes must be selected. One must make sure that in the series of connected batteries, there is enough space and the compartment has some space for the gas to pass through. All the batteries to be connected together must be of the same size and model as well as the brand because different batteries of sizes, models and brands connected together would not be able to deliver the satisfactory performance and also the life span of the batteries will be decreased.


Terminals are the vital part of any type of batteries and so is it for the golf cart batteries, as the terminals are the part through which the batteries are connected to each other. Different models of the golf cart batteries have the different option of terminals, so, depending on the quality and types of cable wiring and connections that one has planned to use, the batteries with that terminal option should be bought. The size of the cable should be proper; else it may cause the batteries to overheat due to overcharging.


Budget is an important factor while buying batteries for the golf cart. Say, for 36 volts system, one can either buy six 6 volt batteries or three 12 volt batteries. 6 volt batteries are heavier and costlier and give more output than 12 volt batteries, but if one has a very low budget, buying six 6 volt batteries will be a problem, so according to the budget, as three 12 volt batteries will cost much less than the six 6 volt batteries, one would have to prefer to buy the three 12 volt batteries. In case there are no budget limits, then one can buy the 6-volt batteries without any second thought.

Battery Warranty

Warranty is very important part while purchasing batteries for the golf cart. For example, within a month or two of purchasing a battery, if the battery gets damaged due to some internal reasons in the battery, one cannot just go and get a new one, as the battery is very costly, so the warranty helps in this situation, in either repairing the battery for free or getting a new whole battery replacement if repairing is not possible. One must always go for the batteries that have the maximum warranty period. These days, there are some special offers that one can even extend the warranty by paying some small extra bucks.

One should check thoroughly all the necessary factors before going for the purchasing of the golf battery. So according to the system of the golf cart, power requirements, benefits and specifications of the battery; as well the budget limits being kept in mind, one should buy the best golf cart battery; or batteries that can be accessed.

Top five best weather station


AcuRite 02007

The AcuRite’s 02007 weather station offers precise weather forecast with brilliant color display. It is capable of predicting weather conditions in upcoming 8-12 hours. It can measure indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity and air pressure. It measures indoor temperature ranging from 32-122 degrees Fahrenheit and outdoor temperature ranging from -40 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit.

Moreover, the weather conditions are updated every 60 seconds. All calculations performed are nearly accurate and precise. It has a wireless transmission range of about 330-340 feet which gets updated every 15 seconds.

This personal weather stations allows you to set date and time and time zones. You can manage display settings from high to low as required. You can choose language either French or English.

Latest weather updates are shown with unique icons and an easily understandable format. This feature makes it easy to use.

It gets power by an AC adapter and three AA alkaline batteries. This weather station does not indicate if the battery is low, so you have to keep an eye on it. If you want the battery to be consumed for more time, you can adjust display setting at low. This wireless weather station has a warranty of 1-year.

This advanced forecasting weather station is moderately priced. Its adequate features are worth having a look on.

Ambient Weather WS-11

This personal weather station is attractive in its look due to colorful display and unique displaying features. It can detect eight sensors. Its sensor colors for hot and cold temperature can be personalized. The colors get changed from hot to cold temperature. Its weather icons are attractive and unique, making the forecast easy. It is capable of measuring both absolute and relative air pressure, which is a unique feature of the products in this price range.

It is capable of measuring indoor and outdoor weather conditions including humidity, temperature and air pressure. Indoor temperature range varies between 32-140 degrees whereas outdoor temperature ranges up to -40 degrees Fahrenheit. You can choose to display temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit scales.

Moreover, its predictions about the upcoming weather conditions are about 90% precise and accurate. It uses four AA batteries and two AAA batteries for remote sensors. Its battery life is approximately 12 months. It is advised to use lithium batteries for sensing low weather conditions.

Wireless transmission range is about 300 feet using a 433MHz. This device updates the weather calculations every 50 to 60 seconds, due to which it lets us informed about the latest weather conditions. This is a low priced unit capable or alarms for temperature and humidity. This device has a one year warranty.

Kestrel Meter 2500

It is a ROHS certified weather station. It is designed to monitor multiple weather conditions. It is light weight, so it is useful for outdoor workers and people who love outdoor sports. It is water proof, making its use during water sports as well. It is 4.8 x 1.7 x 0.7 inches in dimensions, which is small enough to be easily carried anywhere.

This weather station has a real time clock and a protective covering. It has an easily readable display, making it easy to use. Its most unique feature is a night vision backlight that lets it to be used in dark too. It measures the temperature and other weather conditions with nearly perfect accuracy.

This cost-effective and light device is more useful for taking to different places.

La Crosse Technology 308A-146

This wireless attractive weather station one of the most highly featured weather stations. It has animated icons which make it more attractive and friendly to use. These colorful features add a lot to its brilliant display. It has an LCD night time dimmer along with a USB port at the back, which can be used to charge different devices. Although charging cord is not the part of this unit’s price, so it must be bought separately.

Along with great and colorful display features, this device predicts very precise weather conditions, which adds a lot more to its quality. Moreover it can measure both indoor and outdoor temperatures. Indoor temperature ranges between 32-122 degrees Fahrenheit and outdoor temperature ranges between -40 to 140 degrees. It is capable of measuring relative humidity between 3 and 99 percent, which is measured by a wireless sensor.

It is capable of transmitting data over a distance of 200 feet. Its battery life is approximately 2 years if used properly. It uses three AA alkaline batteries, which are used just for sensor. While, when using AC power, its backlight remains on and on battery power you have to hit the button to activate it. Its forecast is limited to 12 hours. It also has a day-date time calendar. Due to its great display and accuracy features, this device is worth considering.

Pro Weather Station TP2700WC

This pro weather station is capable of measuring multiple parameters precisely and is connectable to the computer. It has a backlit LCD for displaying data along with a solar power sensor and a cable that connects the device to PCs or laptops etc. This great station functions using a 5 volt AC power adapter.

It has a USB plugin and uses three AA alkaline or lithium batteries. It has a radio-controlled clock that is linked to time signal at Fort Collins, Colorado for accuracy. It is set according to your local time. It’s up to you whether to choose a 12-hour or 24-hour format. It is also capable of displaying temperature on two scales i.e. Celsius and Fahrenheit. It also measures barometric pressure in two different units, i.e. in mmHg (millimeter mercury) or in Hg (mercury).

It has alarm that lasts up to 2 minutes and it operates at a frequency of 433 MHz (Mega-hertz), which is updated every 48 seconds. Different alarms can be set for humidity, wind chill, speed and gusts.

This weather station has a rain gauge that is automatically emptied with a data logging capability of 4,800 readings. This wireless station is worth considering due to its extra ordinary features and brilliant LCD display. This cost effective device satisfies your needs.


In the weather station reviews in above, we went through five of the weather station have very good quality. We hope you will find most suitable weather station for your home.

Factors of a good portable generator

best generator

Portable generators are common devices used in time of power outage and also for any camping or recreational trips. The generators are required to generate power when one is out of power while camping in remote areas.

One cannot simply go to the appliance store and pick up any, without knowing the amount power required or how much budget one has. Some important factors are required to be considered before deciding to buy any portable generator;

  • Power efficiency
  • Fuel type and consumption
  • Possible reduction of noise
  • Material used to case the generator
  • Weight of the generator

These factors need to be checked before purchasing a portable generator. One must not be vulnerable to getting cheated.

Power efficiency

Power efficiency and working of the generator is main factor to be noted. The number of appliances owned and the power needed to run the appliances must be calculated before going to purchase a portable generator, so that one can buy the type of generator required. If o a generator with lower power is bought, than actually needed, the generator will be over loaded and automatically it will lose its life.

Fuel type and Consumption

The type of fuel required for the generator is very important. Propane is recommended for long store, else gasoline is mostly used. Gasoline cannot be stored for long time and it may cause damage to the generator if stored for long without use.

Always look for a portable generator that has fuel tank large enough. Having a small fuel tank is not a good choice, one would have to refuel it time and again within short periods of time, so better to keep in mind the size of the fuel tank, and the generator must have a fuel indicator. So that one is updated with the amount of fuel left and when will the tank need to be re- filled.

Possible reduction of noise

Generator creates a lot of noise. The excess noise is neither good enough for the health, nor will be appreciated by the neighbors. One would always want to reduce the noise created by the generator. One should seek for the generators with muffler or silencer attacked. The silencer will possibly reduce the sound produced by the running generator without disturbing the neighbors or creating nuisance.

 Material used to case the generator

Life span of the generator somewhat depends on the material used to case the generator, as it covers up the body of the generator. Steel and aluminum are the best materials to case. The metal material generally makes the portable generator rough, strong and solid hard. Sturdiness makes the generator last for longer time and work more efficiently with desired performance.

Weight of the generator

If the portable generator is not to be used in a fixed place and needs to be often taken to random places, let it be camping trips or to rent someone, weight is an important factor to be noted. The more the weight, the more is it difficult to carry the generator to different place, often. One should go for a generator with light weight.

Brand and type of the generator

One cannot just go and grab any generator. It needs a cross check and must be researched thoroughly, about the popular brands in the internet or can ask an experience portable generator owner about the brands. A high quality product is always manufactured by a quality brand, so one must select the most popular and best brand.

When one is out of power, the device gives a source of power. So, one must do a proper judgment of the factors of the portable generator to get the best one.

Necessary Items for a Camping Trip


Many people love going outing to the woods or some open space and camp there. The campfire, fireflies, open sky and soothing breeze are the best part of a camping trip. Far from the crowd and busy life, everyone wants a break once in every two or three months, in fact some even go on camping trips every weekend. Be it with family or alone, one has to carry a lot of items along. For any outdoor adventure, preparation is a vital thing.

From shelter items to first aid kit, one must remember to take along all the necessary elements.

Important items for a perfect shelter

Having a perfect and comfortable shelter is the most important part of a camping trip. It’s a matter of safety, from the wild and wandering forest animals and also, one must have a good rest after an adventurous day. The following items are necessary:

  • Tent; which should be of good material and comfortable size, large enough for two to reside.
  • Poles, ropes and stakes; for supporting the tent.
  • Fiber quilt or tarp; to cover the ground in order to keep away dirt and insects crawling up.
  • Axe and hammer; that are required to set the poles and the tent
  • Mat; can be placed at the entrance of the tent to rub the dirt away from footwear.

Along with the materials, one must also have an experience in setting up tents. If not familiar, can also take help from the tent manual.

Bedding materials

After a weary day, one can’t just lay down flat on the ground. For a sound and comfort sleep, good bedding is very important. The items required for bedding are given below:

  • Air mattress; if one seeks for a soft bed for better comfort.
  • Sleeping bag; which is the best option during winter season as mosquitoes won’t be able to bite and it will keep warm. With zips attached are the best to get in and out.
  • Pillows; in case one has the habit of those.
  • Repair kit; required for the air mattress.

One must make sure to carry along a large utility bag to store the bedding materials together. It will make things more easy and to maintain tidiness.

Cooking and food items

After shelter and bedding, the other most important part of a camping trip. One can’t just starve to death and there aren’t any pubs, restaurants or hotels in woods or camping sites. Most of the campers prefer cooking by themselves and many just take packed foods if they are camping for a short period. Here are some of the materials required for preparing food while camping:

  • Matches and lighters; as without fire, cooking is not possible.
  • News papers or twigs; to make the fire spread easily.
  • Charcoal and fire woods; the most important items for cooking.
  • Campfire grill and utensils; portable and medium sizes are a good option.
  • Paper plates, paper cups and bowls; as water would be limited and washing require a lot of mater.
  • Portable cooler and ice box; in case the weather is hot.
  • Water bottles

All in all, vegetables, cooking oil, peeler, knives, refrigerated meats, oats, and grams are the very important items necessary for camp cooking. One must not forget to carry along trash bags, as littering around would make the area dirty and unhealthy.

Misc items

An extra bag containing miscellaneous items must be carried along to the trip. Some of these most important things are extra batteries, fuel lantern, torch light, fishing materials, maps, compass, GPS, pocket knives, popcorns, drinks, manuals, cell phone or tab; guide books, grocery bags, tissue paper, pen, note pads or sticky notes; and first aid kit containing medications for stomach trouble, fever and headache; bandages, cotton, antiseptic lotions, antacids, sprain spray, snake bite kit, gloves and first aid manual.

Items for Personal use

Along with the other items, one must carry a bag which only contains personal things like clothes, soaps, deodorant, razors, swimming suit; shoes and footwear; toothbrush and paste; hair brush, derma products, toilet papers, napkin, towels, camp shower, lotions and personal medications.

One should check the items twice before leaving for the trip and must make sure to inform someone who isn’t in the trip about the schedule and place of the camp trip and when the one is expected to return, so that he or she can make sure that everything is alright or if anything might have gone wrong the person can get help. Enjoyment and adventure is good, but first, one must be safe and sound.

Bosch GRL400HCK review – Rotary Laser Level

No one can imagine a construction site without the use of any rotary level these days. The laser levels and the more specifically the rotary laser levels have been playing an important role in transforming the construction industries to a great extend. The old conventional line and level instruments and measurement system has in fact got replaced by these highly accurate and easy to use instrument. They have in fact helped in removing many of the problems that are associated with the construction process as far as measurements are concerned. The rotary laser level reviews states about all the achievements of this device so far.

Dual laser system for indoor as well as outdoor level reading:

This device has a patented dual laser system that comes with horizontal lasers that can be used individually or together for indoor as well as outdoor applications. They also have a smart pendulum leveling system. There is a self level system which in turn will sense and indicate the level conditions. This will help in locking when switched off. There is no need to relocate the unit as it has a patented motorized micro fine plumb alignment. This will help in the beam adjustment towards left and right. This device is well designed with a glass enclosed cage for better and upgraded protection which in fact will ensure years of durability and dependable operation. They come with a 6 length beam customization along with a 3 rotational speed of 350, 600 and 1200 RPM setting for the applications and the lighting conditions. The company also is providing 2 years warranty. The average battery life of this device comes to about 40 hours. The rotary laser level reviews have praised its weather proof design that can help in keeping the device protected from rain and moisture.

Innovative and advanced Engineering:

Ever since this instrument has been introduced in the market they have become the world leader in measurement technology. This instrument has been able to achieve this feat mainly due to the innovation and the advanced engineering. The advanced usage of the laser technology incorporated in Bosch GRL400HCK has in fact resulted in creating more productive and profitable results along with providing greater accuracy and precision on the job site. The rotary laser level reviews say that with the introduction of this device in the market many of the professionals are able to work smarter instead of working harder.

Avoid direct contact with eyes:

It is always better to get the devices encased in seamless assemble so as to withstand the rough treatment from the harsh environment that it is getting exposed to. This device is often found to be reinforced with plastic and welded metals to provide all around protection. One also needs to ensure that they follow all the safety guidelines. It has always been advised not to directly look into the laser or shine them into anybody eyes either. This can cause damage to the tissue in the eyes which may even lead to total blindness. The rotary laser level reviews will explain in details of all the precautionary measures.

Highlighted features of Bosch GRL400HCK laser level:

  • Remote range with a distance of 500’ RCR1 RF
  • Beam customization is having 6 lengths and with rotation speed of 350, 600 and 1200 RPM, total 3 rotation speeds setting for lighting conditions and application.
  • Micro fine plumb is motorized and patented and the plumb alignment allows left/right beam adjustment without unit relocation.
  • Self leveling mechanism is achieved by smart pendulum.
  • Sensors can indicate out of level condition.
  • Laser level locked automatically when power is switched off.
  • Dual laser system is patented and can be used for outdoor and indoor job requirements. The horizontal lasers can be used individually and for both.

Most recommended product by many rotary laser level reviews!

The durability of this device is based on various aspects. This device will not only last for a longer duration but also at the same time will retain its accuracy over the years. These kinds of devices mostly get hampered due to the exposure towards unfriendly conditions like dust, dampness and sun. This new device is designed in such a way that it will overcome such harsh environments. Bosch GRL400HCK is presently available in the market in the form of a tripod mounted unit. There are not many devices that are out there that can actually beat the accuracy of this device. The device is worth every bit of money that it has been rate at. Bosch GRL400HCK laser level can be used outdoors as well as indoor. This device is always rated above many of the handheld devices mainly as a concern over the accuracy. Bosch GRL400HCK laser level is found to be often more accurate than the hand held devices. This product has been recommended as the most accurate and perfect laser level by some of the best rotary laser level reviews!

How to Find Best Mig Welder – Checking Various Facts

Metal Inert Gas welding in short is called as MIG welding. The equipment used to do the welding is called as MIG Welder. MIG welding is also called as MAG welding, Metal Active Gas welding. MIG is the subtype welding of GMAW expanded to read as Gas Metal Arc Welding. There are so many mig welder reviews available online for reference which makes life easy for people who want to know more about the technical difference and purpose for what this welding technique is being used. MIG welding is similar to that of MMA, Manual Metal Arc Welding which is also known as Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW).

The welding process is achieved by using a consumable electrode which is coated in a flux. During the process heat required for the welding purpose is generated by forming an arc between the electrode and the metal piece that has to be welded. The electrode coated in a flux melts in the high temperature and become a weld bead. Here the welding electrode will be in the form of a small metal rod with thin diameter and the shielding gas is generated by using a torch. The wire is continuously driven to get melt till the metal is welded properly. The best mig welder is something that can give you continuous temperature to complete the project.

Now let us discuss here, how to find best mig welder:

Finding a best MIG welder can be concluded only if it can be precisely provided with the information what exact metal want to weld and where it is want to use. These answers are discussed in length in various mig welder reviews. It can be seen that reviews are unanimous in nature by arguing that the best MIG welder machine can be narrowed down only if the correct information where the welding machine are to be used and what exactly type of metal is to be welded.

So naturally a best mig welder is not depending on the brand name of welder or the capacity of the welder. It is purely depending on the nature of metal to be welded and the location of welding job. If the welder has to be used for automobile or car body work repair then a small home welder which can be used with a feed wire of 0.6 & 0.8mm diameter with a short circuit dip transfer is good. For this kind of job the amperage output of the welder machine should have to be less than 200amps. These machines can be easily connected with the home electricity supply without extra heavy duty wiring. Wiring with 16amp with a voltage of 240v can be utilized without any circuit break down.

In general most of the domestic wiring will be done with 13 amp wires but there will also be some sockets with 16amp which are fitted for using air conditioner units, washing machines, fridge etc. Either of these sockets can be used for the MIG welder. Welder machines that run only on small diameter gasless shelf shielding mig wires to be avoided. These machines cannot give the required result. Read the shelf shielding mig wire manuals before using it. The shelf shielding mig wire can be used only for some specific job and they are in no way can be used as flux core wire job. The best result can be achieved only if the correct mig wires are used. Read mig welder reviews to know what exact difference are these two types of mig wires can offer and never get confused with a shelf shielding gasless mig wire rod and flux core mig wire rod. These MIG welder machine can easily generate heat to melt 1.2mm wire with the metal to be welded. A lower amp machine won’t be able to do the job where a higher amp power is required. In simple 350amp output MIG welder cannot be used in a situation where 400amp is required.

Right metal and right jobs with the right welder:

A MIG welder can be considered as a best mig welder, if the MIG welder is used for the right purpose, with the right metal and at the right location. For welding that has to be executed on thin place and on light metal steel that are commonly used in garden gates and fencing then a MIG welder with 300amp or below is ideal. The supply electrical wiring shall be 16amp with 240v. Otherwise the electrical wiring will get heated up and there are chances to have short circuit.

Reading mig welder reviews will give a proper understanding about the MIG wire feeder specification. But a MIG welder that has compatible MIG wire feeder drive which can be used on 0.6, 0.8 and 1.0mm mig rods. The dealer from where the MIG welder is purchased shall have the drive and are easily available. There is nothing important about a particular brand provided the unit should have the standard specification and have variable MIG rod feeder drive.

Important factors to be considered while buying a mid welder:

Know the requirement exactly for what purpose the welder machine is to be used. For heavy duty welding, such as thick metals it is better to use a three phase power consumption MIG welder. These types of MIG welders required 415v and should be wired for 450amp electric power supply.

Almost all top brands of MIG welders are strong enough to give the required result. Read as much mig welder reviews to understand the best energy efficient welder machine and also understand the various welding parameters such as whether a thermal overload protection is required, shielding gas regulator is required, spool gun is required, what type of MIG wires has to be used and how much power is required for the welding job etc and accordingly decide to buy the MIG welder.